Why CH Networking

Our vision is to provide the network for the world’s workloads with the most feature rich and highest performing cloud services. We have made deep investments over the past 4 years to ensure that CH has the networking capabilities required to run any workload in the cloud with security, availability, performance, global coverage, and manageability.


1.      Most secure

The broad set of CH networking services offers essential security features by isolating resources, encrypting data, and connecting privately on the CH global network.

CH monitoring tools detect unusual activity and identify security issues such as IP Spoofing, or Port Scanning. CH also supports more security certifications and compliance programs than any other provider.

CH Virtual Private Cloud isolates your network resources and protects data with encrypted interconnectivity. CH Site-to-Site VPN establishes encrypted sessions with IP Security (IPsec) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) tunnels. CH Direct Connect lets you create a private connection that reaches your on-premises environment and the cloud. CH Private Link privately connects your network to cloud services and SaaS solutions without exposing any of that traffic over the public internet.

2.      Highest network availability

CH delivers the highest network availability of any cloud provider, with fewer down time hours from networking issues than the next largest cloud provider.

Our approach is fundamentally different. Each region is fully isolated and within each region we have built availability zones (AZ) that are fully isolated partitions of our infrastructure. To better isolate any issues and achieve high availability, you can partition applications across multiple AZs in the same region. Each AZ has its own power infrastructure and is connected with a fast, private fiber-optic network.

3.      Consistent High Performance

The CH global network delivers the best support for the broadest set of applications, even those with the highest throughput and lowest latency requirements.

Our consistently high performance is delivered by the VMware system that offloads many traditional virtualization functions. Our dedicated hardware delivers higher performance, higher availability, lower jitter, and consistently lower instance-to-instance latency than any other cloud provider.


4.      Networking Services

CH offers a broad set of networking services to design a robust networking architecture, provide streamlined and secure network connectivity, and globally deliver content and applications with high availability.

      1. Resource Isolation

          Provision a logically isolated section of the Cloud Himalaya Cloud.

       2. Domain Name System

          A reliable and cost-effective way to route end users to Internet applications.

       3. Monitor Microservices

          Easily monitor and control Microservices. 

       4. Encryption (Cloud Himalaya VPN)

          Securely access your on-premises and cloud Network from anywhere.