Incident Management

Incident Management at Cloud Himalaya
Incident Management at Cloud Himalaya

Safeguarding Continuity: Cloud Himalaya's Robust Incident Management Protocol

At Cloud Himalaya, every beat of our digital pulse is closely monitored in real-time. Our Incident Management protocol is more than just a response mechanism; it’s a guarantee that critical infrastructure components, from end to end in our data center, remain resilient and secure.

Prioritized Incident Handling: Our incident priority levels set the tone for our response commitment:

  • Priority 1: Response and resolution within 1 hour
  • Priority 2: Response within 2 hours, resolution within 4 hours
  • Priority 3: Response within 4 hours, resolution within 12-48 hours
  • Priority 4: Response within 12-24 hours, resolution within 7 days

This meticulous categorization ensures that each incident is handled with the urgency it deserves.

Real-time Monitoring and Immediate Response
Our Operation team's mandate is clear: to monitor every conceivable aspect of the data center environment in real-time. From CPU and Memory performance to network packet inspections, we leave no stone unturned. The watchful eyes extend to critical elements such as IDS, bandwidth, firewall, power, cooling, fire and safety systems, temperature, humidity, airflow, water, smoke, biometric door access, and video surveillance.
Root Cause Analysis for Critical Incidents
A commitment to continuous improvement propels us to conduct root cause analysis for every critical incident causing an outage. Learning from these incidents allows us to fortify our systems, minimizing the risk of recurrence.
Dedicated Incident Response Team
An Incident Response Team (IRT), Incident Management Team (IMT), or our Service Desk designated onsite is automatically alerted when an incident ticket is generated. These teams, equipped to handle various severities, ensure that incidents are addressed promptly and efficiently.
User and Business Impact Analysis
No configuration change is taken lightly. Prior to any alteration, a thorough user and business impact analysis is conducted. Configuration changes are only executed after receiving explicit approval from the management board, ensuring that changes align with overall operational objectives.

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