Every critical infrastructure components from end to end to in data center are being constantly monitored in real time. Any anomalies are immediately recorded and incident tickets are generated with following priority:
Priority - 1 (Response and resolution time 1 hour) 
Priority -2 (Response time 2 hrs. and resolution 4 hours) 
Priority - 3 (Response time 4 hours and resolution from 12-48 hrs.) 
Priority -4 (Response time 12-24 hrs. and resolution 7 days) 

Every critical incident that caused outage to the environment will undergo root cause analysis. 
An Incident Response Team (IRT), Incident Management Team (IMT), or Service Desk designated onsite automatically receives the ticket on respective group queue. The incident tickets are handled based on the severity and priority. No configuration change takes place without user and business and user impact analysis until management board approves it.