Cloud Himalaya is located in one of the most convenient and central location of Kathmandu equally accessible to all corporate enterprises.

•    Own data center site not in rent or lease .  No worries about lease expiration and movement.
•    Seismic safe building standing still and safe despite facing 7.8 Mw of earthquake on April 25, 2015
•    24X7-perimeter surveillance surrounded by high wall and onsite security guard 
•    24X7 Video surveillances on 360 view inside data center with 3 months backup and archive
•    1.5 MW multiple backup diesel generator working in sync mode 
•    Redundant UPS with 30 min battery backup 
•    RACK with 5 KW power supply along with customizable capacity as per customer needs 
•    Fuel storage to sustain 25-30 days in complete power outage
•    Redundant 40 Gbps fiber bandwidth for intranet and internet connecting the fiber ring in KTM 
•    Internet on demand within from Cloud Himalaya ISP or on customer choice 
•    FM 200 fire suppression agent ready to get deployed upon exceeding specified smoke particles 
•    Ergonomic Hot and cold Isle design with redundant PAC keeping the temp always within 
•    Redundant Cabling with color coding, tag, patch panel managed in database accessible via apps 
•    Data Center critical facility monitoring probe installed and monitored round the clock