Cloud Himalaya data center is backbone of many pioneer agencies and corporate enterprises. The 24X7 X 365 days’ onsite and on-call support teams are the first line of defense. We have staffed highly experienced and trained engineers. Our support policy adheres to ITIL V3.

Customer can initiate support by Phone, Email, and Ticket by portal or smart phone. The ticket system has standard template based on criticality and priority of the situation. The incident related tickets are automatically generated and assigned to our respective support personal based on the domain (Web, App, DB, OS, Network, Security, Hardware, facilities, power, Cooling, Fire & Safety, and Rack Infra etc.) Every critical infrastructure components from end to end in data center is continuously monitored in real time. Any anomalies are immediately recorded and incident tickets are generated with following priority:

Priority – 1 (P1) (Response and resolution time 1 hour): Business hosting server infrastructure down causing business outage. The High availability service has option to failover on DR site within 1-5 minute based on SLA. The whole three layer architecture (Web, App, and DB ) are configured in global HA cluster mode so that any  fault are noticed within 30 sec poling cycle initiating  auto failover to remote site if configured in Active / Passive mode. The Active/Active mode option will never have downtime regardless of outage on site level disaster as all three layer are equally servicing from both primary and DR site at the same time.

Priority -2 (P2) (Response time 2 hrs. and resolution 4 hours): Business is up but performing in degraded mode. Need immediate attention with response and resolution plan ready to be deployed for solution

Priority - 3 (Response time 4 hours and resolution from 12-48 hrs.): Redundant component or service failure without impact to business environment.

Priority -4 (Response time 12-24 hrs. and resolution 7 + days): Informational request related to hosted environment. No business impact whatsoever.