Disaster Recovery

Natural disaster and system failures are major concerns and the worst possible situation for any organization. Research data indicates that 80 % of the business going bankrupt given their data is lost in disaster situation. Apologies and excuses are not an option in today IT world. If deliverance does not match a committed SLA, customers have other option readily available to move on.

Nepal is on the major seismic zone with Indian and Eurasian continental plate constantly squeezing to each other creating enormous energy that gets release in 80-100 yrs seismic cycle. We can never predict this natural calamity but we can definitely be prepared by creating disaster proof data center. Cloud Himalaya has second Disaster Recovery site more than 500 KM away in eastern part of Nepal with all data in real-time synchronization. Our enterprise class data storage is real time in sync with remote data storage in federated mode. Furthermore, our data storage is capable of replicating the data in Amazon, Azure and in google cloud as per customer demands and needs. Rest assured; your data is always safe regardless of point, rolling, site and or in Geo disaster.

So whether a natural disaster such as fires ,floods , earthquakes occurs or malicious intent is used to interrupt or completely halt the operations , you can rest assured that your records and data are well preserved and in working order.

 The High availability service has option to failover on DR site within 1-5 minute based on SLA. The whole three layer architecture (Web, App, and DB ) are configured in global HA cluster mode so that any  fault are noticed within 30 sec poling cycle initiating   auto failover to remote site if configured in Active / Passive mode. The Active/Active mode option will never have downtime regardless of outage on site level disaster as all three layer are equally servicing from both primary and DR site at the same time.