Private Cage

Private Cage

Cloud Himalaya Plans

Our colocation service ranges certain unit, half rack, and full rack along with maximum-security cage system for data security. It is your private premises where you have exclusive access and none else. It offers a number of advantages over typical shared space.

Some of the advantages of private cage space:
     •     High level of security – Only designated IT personnel; technicians have access along with biometric authentication.
     •    Flexible power and cooling – Data center engineers can determine your specific power and cooling requirements and can adjust dynamically as your businesses grow.
     •    Custom space, security ,  private cloud configuration as needed – With private cages, you get control of how much space, security , control, change, monitoring,  and you have the ability to make upgrades as necessary.

Cloud Himalaya rack layout has been designed by segmenting rack space in specific domain it caters the domain like finance, healthcare, Telecom & service, manufacturing, academia, Govt etc.

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